Friday, March 25, 2011

Records With History and Future: H8000 Family Massacre SHIRT

Records With History and Future: H8000 Family Massacre SHIRT: "Records can make music if combined with a player. Well, shirts can speak encyclopedia's. That's why I also like them. So here's the scoop of..."

DjamHellVice - M.I.M (Meat Is Murder) feat. Kobi & Darko

feat LAZARE & Guitarist from Providence.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

foreign language film

Todays swedish lesson was to watch a foreign language film & read the swedish subs to understand what the film was about.. Lucky for me the film was English SCORE.

It was actually really good, set ine the 80's so all the songs in it were amazing, & lots of funny memories from my school days.

Poster Boy.

I blagged Six ft ditch getting endorsed by FLEAMISH KINGZ a Belgium Hiphop/HC clothing lable.
& they asked me to do some pics for there new poster ads.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is what happens when SFD go on tour.

We only ever take a car coz thats all you need haha, but this time, we had 4 people, drums bits, guitar & bass.. & it was tight.

So then we get 4 boxes of merch haha.
so we had to take everything out the boxes & have them on our laps, on our feet, anywhere they would fit.

The good thing is thought everything fitted, & lucky in germany we sold most of everything.. Belgium kids bought 7 shirts haha..

Good times.

Since I last been on here.

I went to france & hang out with Lazare, featured on a Hip hop Mix CD, Played 2 shows one in Belgium & one in germany.

Finally got a new drummer sorted for sfd who is amazing.

Got new band pics done..

& made my girlfriend very happy bringing her back CHANEL number 5 from france :)

Saw so many friends in germany that I have not seen in years, you forget how many people you know after a long time.

such a great few days.. here's some pics.

I have had an amazing time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

28th feb